How can you get an awesome animated video clip that will get you noticed and your message heard?

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Whenever I visit a website filled with a ton of text I think to myself, what am I doing here, this is boooring. These days there is no excuse to have a text filled website with nothing to grab the visitors attention.
However, sometimes I stumble upon a website with a short, simple, and fun video that explains everything to me … I am way more excited and eager to buy/subscribe/etc.

Who could benefit from a fun video?

  • Anyone with a website selling or promoting something
  • People who want to stand out from the typical boring Powerpoint presentations
  • Teachers and students to present material in a fun way

The Special Sauce
Have you ever found yourself watching a cartoon where mice talk, elephants fly or penguins build airplanes and say to yourself: “That’s ridiculous! Where’d they come up with such nonsense?”
Actually, no! The likelihood is you’ve never been bothered by how implausible a cartoon was…
Why? It’s because something magical happens when you watch a cartoon.
Psychologists have a fancy name for it: “The Suspension of Disbelief”
It’s the special sauce that stops you from asking critical questions such as: Can this actually happen? Is this really possible? Does this make any sense?


Conditioned since Childhood to Love Cartoons
Most of us watched cartoons as children and still -to this day – associate them with childish, non-business, and (more importantly) non-sales related matters.

Basically, we’ve been conditioned to accept cartoons as a nonthreatening form of communication and we absorb their messages in a very different way compared to the jaded “keep your guard up” attitude we typically adopt.

Lowering Your Guard
A cartoon encourages you to lower your guard and stop asking grown-up questions like: Do I like this packaging? Am I familiar with this brand? Do I have any prior experience with this vendor?
This is where cartoons become such a powerful marketing tool….
By eliminating the “criticizing” instinct for even just a few moments, we open ourselves to new messages.


The Power of Toon!
Harnessing the power of a cartoon can help you create high impact messages that speak to prospects in ways virtually no other medium can, because:

  1. You’re speaking to them via a channel they’re conditioned to associate with fun and childhood (and most definitely not business and sales) – so their guard is down and they’re massively more receptive.
  2. The added level of abstraction allows them to focus on the message rather than petty details, so they can actually evaluate the real benefit.

If you would like your audience to take note of what you have to say, there is no better ways than creating a cartoon to convey your message!

Granted, until recently, this process was prohibitively expensive, costing a minimum of $1,500 per minute and often reaching $25,000+ with professional animation studios.

This obstacle has been eliminated at Finalcut Web, we have made it affordable for anyone to enjoy the benefits of animated clips for their business or service.

This is an example of one of our animated promotional videos.

 Summer Special – Promo Video Discounts.
Starting at $350.00 for up to two minutes.

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